Aquatic Physiotherapy in Corona

Both hot and cold water can be used to benefit the human body. Water therapy can increase vitality, strengthen your immune system and even have a tonic effect on cells.

Aqua therapy is one of the oldest, most natural treatments used to ward off disease and maintain a clean bill of health.

There are few of us who are strangers to the relaxation one experiences from a massage by water jets in a hot tub. This technique is proven to enhance the performance of athletes before competition.

Throughout history, humanity has praised the healing properties of water in its various forms and aquatic physical therapy is simply a way of classifying these techniques. At Sterling King, we are happy to bring this therapy to Corona to heal and improve our clients' recovery and prevention process.

Ancient Civilizations and Hydrotherapy

When seeking out treatment, many clients put their trust in tried and true methods. When it comes to hydrotherapy, we can promise that these techniques have evolved over many, many, years to land in our clinic in Corona.

Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Turkish empires all relied on water to relieve muscular aches.

Egyptian royalty added essential oils and herbs to their bath water for relaxation of mind and muscles.

Romans would visit public baths, and often took to bathing in spring water as a cure for sickness. This practice was suggested by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, and one of the first advocates of hydrotherapy.

While Hippocrates was the father of modern medicine, Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th-century Bavarian Monk is said to be the father of modern hydrotherapy. While those before him advocated for hot or cold treatment, he presented it as "contrast therapy". This therapy used both hot and cold water and is still used today.

You may have also heard of the holy waters of the Ganges River. To this day people make their way to India to bear witness to its healing powers.

While our therapeutic pools in Corona don't necessarily hold holy waters, their properties and the techniques of our therapists can most certainly help you on your way to health and recovery.

Modernity Aided by the Past

Physical therapy provides a holistic approach to rehabilitation. In every aspect of this practice, therapists look at you as a whole person, not just an injured appendage or a disabled mind.

If acupuncture and hydrotherapy are any indication of our view points, our healing techniques are constantly evolving in Corona.

By looking at the big picture of the whole person, the whole society and what clients need from us at Sterling King, we continue to do the best work possible to treat your aches and pains and affect your life for the better.